Dr. Yuan has been active in geotechnical engineering since 1982 after graduating from Hehai University, China. His experience in China spans from subsurface geotechnical exploration to design of earth dams. After three years of geotechnical engineering practice in China, Dr. Yuan came to US to pursue his Doctor degree in the civil/geotechnical engineering. While he was a research assistant at the University of New Mexico, he worked on several research projects ranging from testing and evaluation of geogrid properties to design and construction monitoring of reinforced bridge abutments. Dr. Yuan also gained significant experience in numerical simulation through development of a finite element program for analyzing reinforced soil structures during his graduate study.

After graduating from the University of New Mexico, Dr. Yuan joined GeoSyntec Consultants where he progressively held positions of senior staff engineer, assistant project engineer, and project engineer. He was a program manager of GeoSyntec-SGI, responsible for managing the soil-geosynthetic interaction testing program (interface direct shear, pullout, geosynthetic-SRW block connection, block shear). With his strong geotechnical background, significant experience in geosynthetic material properties, and in-depth knowledge of the NCMA Design Manual for Segmental Retaining Walls and FHWA Design and Construction Guidelines for Mechanical Stabilized Earth Walls and Reinforced Slopes, Dr. Yuan not only can provide quality testing services to his clients but can also provided invaluable recommendations to his clients for product development and/or improvement.

Dr. Yuan has been active in conducting research for manufacturers and government agencies. He was actively involved in the 3-year study entitled Dynamic Response of Reinforced Soil Systems, conducted for the US Air Force. He managed the confined extension and creep testing program, a major portion of the 3-year study entitled Durability of Geosynthetics for Highway Applications, conducted for the FHWA. He was also involved in various studies ranging from development of the testing device to determine the long-term internal shear strength of GCL for manufacturers to laboratory simulation of geogrid abrasion damage around SRW block corners due to backfill settlement for engineering firms.

Dr. Yuan and his partner Mr. Robert H. Swan, Jr. purchased GeoSyntec CSGI from GeoSyntec Consultants on 1 June 2001. Dr. Yuan is the Chief Technical Officer of SGI Testing Services, LLC, The Interaction Specialists



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