Testing Services

Geosynthetic Tension and Seam Testing

- Wide-Width Strip and Seam Tensile Properties
- Grap, Trap, and Tear Strengths
- CBR Puncture Strength
- Multi-Axial Tension Test
- Large-Diameter Hydrostatic Pressure Test
- Confined Extension Properties

Compression Testing
- Compressive Strength of Geosynthetics
- Compressive Strength of Liner Systems
- Measurement of Deformation (Strain) Within Liner Systems
- Stiffness of Synthetic Pipes and Sheet Piles

Direct Shear Testing
- Soil-Geosynthetic Interfaces
- Geosynthetic-Geosynthetic Interfaces
- Large-Scale Soil Shear Strength

Geosynthetic Pullout Testing
- Constant Rate of Displacement Evaluations
- Constant Load (long-Term) Evaluations
- Dynamic / Impact Load Evaluations 

 Masonry Block Testing
- Masonry Block Connection Evaluations
- Masonry Block-to-Block Shear Evaluations
- Constant Load (long-Term) Evaluations
- Dynamic / Impact Load Evaluations

Constant Load (Creep) Testing
- In-Air and Confined Tension Creep Testing
- In-Air and Confined Compression Creep Testing
- Constant Load Creep Shear Testing
- Dedicated Equipment Fabrication

Special Testing and Research & Development
- Performance Test Methods Development
- High Strength Material Testing
- Polymer Material Evaluations
- Failure Analysis
- Test Equipment Development / Fabrication
- Field Performance Test Evaluations
- New Product Development / Evaluations

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